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Home additions have become one of the most popular home remodeling trends in the past few years. You can’t drive around a neighbourhood in Toronto without seeing multiple home additions and extensions. If you’re looking for a home with more space, moving isn’t always a feasible option since Toronto real estate prices are at an all-time high. Also, in a busy and populous city like Toronto, finding more space isn’t always easy. Home additions allow you to add square footage to your current home without the hassle and expense of moving. They also allow you to stay in the neighbourhood you love. At Renovation Collective Toronto, a home addition contractor will work with you to determine whether an addition is the best option for your home and your family’s needs.


Home Addition Contractor Near You

If you are looking for a renovation company and find yourself searching for a “home additions contractor near me”, you’ve come to the right place. At Renovation Collective Toronto, we have a team of experts that will help turn your dreams of a larger home into a reality. Whether you want to add square footage to your home with an addition or you want to do a complete teardown and build a custom home, or even if you’re looking to do a whole house renovation, we will work with you during every step of the process, from concept and design right up to the final product, we are here to help! 

Types of Home Additions

Whether it’s because of a growing family, working from home, a family member moving in, or another reason altogether, homeowners are finding themselves looking for more space. Based on the current floor plan, lot size and shape, and the function of the space you want to add, there are multiple options for home additions in Toronto.

Second Story Addition

A second-story addition is a great way to turn a bungalow into a larger home without losing yard space on your property. With this option, homeowners can move the bedrooms upstairs and use the main floor for a larger living space. If lot size is an issue, adding a second floor to your home adds square footage to your home without encroaching on neighbouring properties. 

Rear Home Extension

A rear addition, or home extension, is a great way to add square footage to your home without changing the appearance of your home from the street ie. “curb appeal”. Rear extensions do require a larger lot size so they might not always be a possibility. If you’re unsure if you’re able to add a rear extension to your space, contact us and we’ll tell you what’s possible based on the City of Toronto’s building requirements.

Garden Suites

A garden suite can add value and provide additional self-contained square footage to your home. These are often converted garages or custom-built homes in the rear of a property.

Home Addition Toronto

Cost of a Home Addition

One of the most common questions we get asked is “how much does a home addition cost in Toronto?” While costs can vary greatly based on the quality of finishes you chose (flooring, tile, appliances, etc.), the average cost of a home addition in Toronto is approximately $300/square foot. If you’re considering adding an addition to your home, contact us for a free estimate. We’ll come to your house, discuss the proposed project, and give you a more accurate estimate.

What Our Clients Say

Rear Extension in Toronto

We are so thrilled with the contracting work executed by Josh and his team for our main floor renovation.  Renovation Collective Toronto went above and beyond following a friendly, thorough approach and exceeding our expectations.  Their delivery was timely, well-priced and Josh was amazing at updating us throughout the duration of the project.

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
By: Paige Purvis
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