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Nothing shows quite as badly as a poorly done paint job. Hiring a qualified painter near you helps to make sure your walls, ceiling, trim, and more look top-notch. At Renovation Collective we provide professional painting services with results that are stunning. 

Painting is one of those home renovation tasks that homeowners can tackle for themselves, but having to cover everything to protect from paint drips, removing electrical outlet plates, taping off trim, reaching overhead to paint a ceiling, or getting into hard to reach nooks and crannies, can be tiring and frustrating work. Why not let the professional painting contractors at Renovation Collective handle that headache for you? And provide you with beautiful, newly freshened up walls, trim or more. 

4 Tips to Select the Right Paint Colour

Choosing a paint colour can be an incredibly difficult task. It’s hard enough selecting the type of sheen you want; gloss, semigloss, eggshell, but then trying to determine the proper shade from the millions of colour choices out there can be quite daunting. Here are a few tips to help you with your selection process.

1. Consider Your Lighting

It is very important to take the lighting of the room you plan to paint into consideration. Incandescent light shows very differently than fluorescent light or natural light from a window. Your lighting can make a blue shade look greenish, it can make a bright red look dark and crimson. Understanding your lighting will help you in your paint selection.

2. Determine Your Room’s Desired Mood

Knowing the mood you want to convey in your room is an important part of choosing the right paint colour. A bold red or purple is going to come off dramatic and daring, so if you are looking for relaxing and cozy you would want to steer clear of those hues. Where a light blue, or green can be quite calming. Speaking to a professional interior painter can help you when making these decisions.

3. Paint A Small Test Area First

Paint colours behave differently in different lighting, when placed next to different colours, or when different paint finishes are used. To make absolutely sure the colour is what you want, have a qualified painting contractor paint a small accent wall, or patch that will allow you to see the colour from multiple angles and in different lighting scenarios. 

4. Google Your Paint Choice

A paint chip, even an oversized one, is still a relatively small thing to use to determine the correct colour choice for your home. Sometimes seeing the paint out in a real-life situation is the best way to determine if you like it. If you have found a colour you think will work simply type the brand name and colour name into Google and check out the image section to see examples of the colour on other people’s walls. It could end up looking very different than the little swatch leads you to believe. This strategy also works on Pinterest. 

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