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A fence can be a wonderful addition to any property, aiding in defining boundary lines, giving a sense of privacy to your home, or helping with issues such as closing in a pool area or keeping your children safely enclosed in your backyard. At Renovation Collective we have experience in installing fences of all kinds throughout Toronto. 

Types of Fences 

There are a number of fence types that you can choose to build on your property. It all depends on what you want your fence to do. Whether you’re looking to increase the aesthetics of your property or give you some much-needed privacy, we can help you build the perfect fence. Below are a number of popular fence options for urban properties.

Picket Fence – designed using evenly spaced picket rails set between posts, this type of fence is generally used for beauty purposes more than for privacy.

Lattice Fence – built with lattice fence panels spaced between supporting posts, this type of fence works well when paired with climbing plants like ivy to create a lovely looking fence with a mild level of privacy.

Semi-Private Fence – semi-private fences are designed with alternating fences rails and gaps evenly spaced in two rows to create a sense of privacy but not as fully private as a complete privacy fence.

Privacy Fence – fence rails are placed right up beside each other, with supporting posts laid throughout, and then a general top railing finishes the look to give the fence the desired height.

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