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Your Top Basement Renovation Experts in Toronto

Are you looking into finishing a basement? Remodeling the lower level of your home? At Renovation Collective we have years of experience helping people all over Toronto with their basement construction projects. A finished basement adds great value to your home, whether in providing extra space for your family or in increasing the resale value of your home. Whatever the reason for wanting to renovate your basement, Renovation Collective can bring your remodeling vision to life.  

Questions to Ask a General Contractor When Planning to Remodel Basement

Hiring a qualified basement contractor is important to make sure that you end up not only with a beautiful space but a safe space that is up to code. If you are planning on finishing a basement there are a number of questions that are helpful to ask a potential contractor.

How Can Your Basement Space Be Used Effectively?

You might have an idea of what you want your finished basement to look like but depending on the layout of the space there could be issues with where walls, plumbing, and electricity end up. A general contractor near you can help come up with a plan that works with your desired design but also takes into consideration the technical elements of your basement for your interior renovation.

How Do You Work With Historical Home Basements?

There are a number of gorgeous historical homes all throughout Toronto and the GTA. These homes have a great deal of potential, and unused space, however renovating a historical home can come with an entirely different set of challenges. Electrical, plumbing, and even the very foundation of the home can all be built with out-of-date, not to code, elements that will need to be updated once the basement construction starts. A qualified general contractor can help you assess exactly what the scope of a project like this will look like.

How Much Does it Cost to Finish a Basement?

The cost of finishing a basement, or renovating a basement can vary widely depending on the amount of work needed to be completed. If you are planning on adding a bathroom, or kitchenette area to your basement, that is an entirely different cost than simply creating a beautiful living room space to hang out in. The square footage of your basement will also be a large determining factor of the cost in renovating a basement. Typically you can expect somewhere between $30-$45 dollars per square foot in renovation costs. This of course would be impacted by the unknown issues that could be discovered along the way, which is why it is important to also set aside an amount as a contingency when creating your basement renovation budget.

Contact Your Local Basement Contractor In Toronto For Your Free Quote

At Renovation Collective we pride ourselves on providing outstanding quality work in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Located in Toronto we are more than happy to come to your home to discuss your basement renovation needs. Always providing you with a free quote. Contact our office today to set up your appointment. 647-262-3343